Pilgrim - Peregrine falcon

Peregrine Falcon

A peregrine falcon soars through the sky at sunset, displaying its beautiful mottled livery. Oil on canvas. Manuel Sosa © 2017

Perfect lithographs on canvas.
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Those beautiful pictures that we fall in love with Finally, I have bought a canvas print - Gold and Silver in the original size. It only remains for me to congratulate you for these beautiful paintings that make us fall in love as soon as we see them and that transport us with our minds to landscapes never seen through your paintings. Like when you read a book. A cordial greeting and thank you very much.
Carlos Pérez Martín

True art in the hands and heart A beautiful print. Better in natural. I ordered it as a gift for a bird lover. By mistake they sent me another one and Mr. Sosa was kind enough to give me the wrong one and sent me the one I asked for, so I was able to give a great gift. They are both beautiful. Thank you very much for your generosity. The person who received them is a follower of your paintings and it made him very happy. Thank you very much.

I'll give it to myself again any day now I bought it many years ago and was tempted to give it as a gift. It is superb. And so are the Print, shipping and delivery time. I'll give it as a present again any day. Best regards
M Nieves Chueca Edo
The Prints are spectacular!!! I have just received your order and have been delighted with it. It is much better than I expected. I'm sorry I don't have a healthier economy to be able to buy some of your originals.
María Belén Gutiérrez Portugal
The quality of the print is fantastic!!! Thanks for your promptness, Manuel. The woodcock are already framed in my living room, they are a success!
Abelino Miralles
It was worth it a thousand times over We were looking for something exceptional, something special that would differentiate us and above all that would express something about us and our environment. We found it in Manuel's work and in the high quality of his reproduction, as well as in his good advice and treatment. I have no doubt that we will repeat.
Miguel Flores Pintado / Hotel Edelweiss
Partridges and thistles! The truth is that the quality of the print is very high and we liked it very much, just as you can see in the catalogue. In addition, the ease of purchase and speed of delivery are great. Best regards
Manuel, I already have your quails framed and hanging in my house. I don't know how you make the prints, but it looks 100% like an original! Awesome!!
Andrés Mellado
This painting is one of my favourites, I feel inside the painting when I look at it, thank you for painting your imagination and being able to enjoy your art.
Daniel González
Hi, I have received the prints, first of all thank you for the gift. I liked them very much, the quality is amazing. I am very happy with the purchase, it is for a gift and it makes me want to keep it. Thank you very much for the speed and I take this opportunity to congratulate you for your work, I loved it and I never tire of admiring it on the web. Best regards
Blanca Vinue Lasierra
We were very satisfied! Good afternoon Manuel, I saw your work at Intercaza (Cordoba) a few years ago and I liked it very much. We bought a small print of the Chochin from you on-line and we were very satisfied. That is why we will come back again. Best regards.
Elías Alejandre
I have just received the print of your painting "partridges and thistles". I can only say that we liked it very much and as it is a gift for a good friend, I am absolutely sure that he will love it. I would like to thank you for the ease of purchase and the speed of receipt. I hope to repeat and if someone asks me I would not hesitate to recommend you, being absolutely sure that you will be well received.
Ángel Carlos Gómez Muñoz
The prints are very good! Manuel, Good morning: I am Carlos from Huete, I bought two pictures of partridges from you a few days ago, and I have to tell you that for my taste they are very, VERY GOOD. I have already passed them on to some friends, and I'm sure they will buy some from you.
Carlos de Huete
I wanted to confirm receipt of the order I placed with you last week, and my absolute satisfaction with the quality of the prints you sent me.
Álvaro García Matéu
Impressive! I told you in a wasap that the best thing I had seen so far, with a lot of ¡¡¡¡. In addition to many hours in the field, you have to have a special gift, a very special gift.
Antonio Mingo
Before you see the signature, you know it is Manuel Sosa's. Before the artist is the passion and devotion for nature. A master.
Joaquín Carrasco Almazor

European Turtle Dove I have this painting, and others, a marvel, I have the house with several paintings of Manuel, thrush, woodcock, quail, if the house would be bigger I would have more, thanks Manuel for making these paintings more accessible.

Alberto Olmos

I was able to personalise the prints Thank you very much for your help, very professional and approachable. All the best!


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50 reviews for Pilgrim - Peregrine falcon

  1. Wendy -

    Dear Manuel,
    Thank you for your quick reply to my queries. I placed my order earlier today using my Australian debit card - my English card had a problem this time!
    Thank you too for the reduction in postage.
    I very much look forward to receiving your painting.
    Best wishes

  2. Jorge Castrillon -

    VERY GOOD WORK Manuel Sosa !

  3. Nicolás Ruiz Espintapájaros -

    Maestro, that's brutal and that sky and light are unbeatable!

  4. Chema Pamundi -

    Incredible light. Congratulations. Another masterpiece

  5. Concepcion Nuñez -

    It's so expressive, so real, imposing. ?

  6. Mayfer Gaitan -

    Beautiful !!!

  7. Nando Mille Torres -

    What a pass!!!!!

  8. Manuel Sosa -

    That's a compliment. Thank you!

  9. Julio M. Alcántara Gámez -

    Great!!! Reminded me of Liljefors

  10. Manuel Sosa -

    Very expressive jjjj. Thank you Pablo

  11. Pablo Ortega -

    Ufffff... Manuel.

  12. Fran Salas -


  13. Custodia Prieto Alvarez -


  14. Joaquin Lopez Rojas -

    Very good, Manué.

  15. Manuel Sosa -

    Yes, Kaito, this is what I've been up to... It was a pleasure to cradle your guitar. What a luthier!

  16. Ricardo MG -

    You've had a great afternoon my friend. It's awesome! Congratulations. A big hug.

  17. Manuel Sosa -

    Thank you, wench!
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  18. Cardi Ceballos -

    Impressive Manuel!!!!

  19. Manuel Sosa -

    Thanks mate!
    Edit or delete this

  20. Juan Varela -

    Very good mate!

  21. Manuel Sosa -

    Un primo del que tú tienes 🙂 Gracias Katu

  22. Katu Perez -

    Joe Manuel with each work you get better and better, it's amazing!

  23. Marc Calvo Armengol -

    It is very "connected" with the shades of the sky.

  24. Angelina Rodriguez -

    It is impressive

  25. Manuel Sosa -

    A thousand thanks, Fernando

  26. Fernando Tomás Biovisual -

    Congratulations Manuel .... Another work of art with all the value that those three words carry.

  27. Rosita Garcia -


  28. Manuel Sosa -

    Thank you, Ange

  29. Ange Viturro -

    What a Beauty, ethereal, with a perfect air of lightness!!!!

  30. María José Porras -

    Congratulations! Very nice! ?

  31. Marcos Chacon Peña -

    What realism

  32. Antonio Soriano Ventura -

    Beautiful Manuel

  33. Juan Aragonés -

    Una pasada Manolo, realmente bonita esa luz y esa mirada 🙂

  34. Manuel Sosa -

    Xagerá! Bss

  35. Maripaz Sánchez García -

    You are a machinoooon

  36. Jose Raul Sánchez Puerto -

    It's nice to see a painting like this, congratulations.

  37. Pedro Luis García Aldea -

    It is impeccable child

  38. Manuel Sosa -

    Thank you Pedro, it was about time to paint a pilgrim

  39. Pedro Luis García Aldea -

    Beautiful Manuel you nailed it, it's alive...congratulations.

  40. Katu Perez -

    That's what I thought, it was mine out of the nest, has the baby grown up yet?

  41. Abraham Arias de la Torre -

    Great job Manuel! The best is the play of light and shadow, sincere congratulations!

  42. Tomi Mariscal -

    How marvellous.

  43. Fer Nando -

    Even the chromatic aberration of the sky came out well JJJJJEEEEEEEE

  44. Antonio Diaz Albertino -

    Impressive! And although I don't understand much, it's a beautiful one. So much meticulousness is necessary to make such a realistic and naturalistic portrait of a falcon. Beautiful this one and all the ones I've seen in your gallery. Very nice work.

  45. Daniel Silva Galafate -

    It is a great Beauty.

  46. Tito Garcia -

    Work of art ❤️

  47. Carlos Sempere -

    This is one of my favourite ones!!!!

  48. Luis Nuñez Pintor -

    Very good !!!

  49. Manuel Raúl Alonso Rios -

    Your masterful command of light brings them to life.

  50. Luis Mozo Mena -

    A work of art

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Dimensions 45 × 37 mm
Dimensions 45 × 37 mm